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Spirit Dolls

These unique Spirit Dolls were created more than twenty years ago to bring the creator luck. They were finally taken from their box and recreated into these powerful Goddesses. Their names were given by the creator along with the powerful spell which is printed on the base to help its new owner to bring forth what they desire. 

These beautiful ladies stand approx 19cm tall on a wooden base inside a glass dome
measuring approx 26cm in total height

LATIKA - Goddess of Wealth & Plenty

LATIKA our favorite Spirit Doll was created to bring Wealth & Plenty to the owner. Best used for financial benefits in growing your business, increasing your income and paying those mounting bills. Merlin's LATIKA has been known to help those who deal in stocks & lotteries by limiting losses and increase your wealth allowing you to have extra finances to bring new luxuries into your home. 

TETHIUS - Goddess of Revenge

TETHIUS, the most sort after Spirit Doll, The Goddess of Revenge, She was created to protect you from those who wish to bring you harm, unwanted friends and those who speak ill of your name. Tethius harms no-one she will remove them from your life, keep you safe and keep your life in balance. She is your protector, empower her and she can bring forth the dreams you dream.

LATUSHEMA - Goddess of Happiness

LATUSHEMA, So beautiful, she was created to bring happiness into your life. Latushema is a lover of balance and harmony. Fill your life with Joy, fun and happiness.

TENAJA - Goddess of Protection

TENAJA was created to protect you from obstacles which are stopping you from succeeding in fulfilling your dreams. She can protect you against unwanted visitors & financial losses. Tenaja is your protector, empower her and allow her to prevent obstacles in your life.


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